I’m a user interface designer / web developer that specializes in web standards and cross-browser compatibility issues.

I enjoy designing and developing visual interfaces and web-based applications that are simple and efficient with the focus on the user’s experience and interaction.

Over the past 8 years I’ve had the immense privilege to work in lots of web, print and multimedia projects for many exceptional companies, including Verizon, Nationwide and Cigna.

What others say about me

"Joel produces showcase quality design for user interfaces and online applications. He has taken our team’s work to the next level. He is consistently focused on producing high quality, user friendly designs and has an impeccable attention to detail. I feel fortunate to have him on my highly talented development team."

Sally Bielen, Vice President e-Business at GTE Federal Credit Union Managed Joel at GTE Federal Credit Union

"Joel never ceased to amaze me with his attention to detail, usability methods and out of the box thinking when it came to designing screens for functional web applications. He really gave a lot of thought to usability and functionality on a website, and the end result was a professional, functional screen that would help the user get their task done as easy as possible. It would be my pleasure to work with him again."

Kathy Bungard, Lead Software Developer at Life and Specialty Ventures, LLC Worked with Joel at GTE Federal Credit Union

"This guy is amazing! Very creative, very detailed and very technical. He can convert any idea to reality. I once asked him to come up a robot icon for one application. The robot should be hip, young, energetic but not arrogant, friendly and capable. And he did deliver that!!! Clients loved his design. It is very difficult to find an engineer with technical and creative back ground... that too with out any attitude issues. He is a team player as well."

Sijo Kuriakose, Tech Manager at Verizon Managed Joel at Verizon
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I am currently looking for new opportunities. Available for hire!

My Skills

I am very good in hand-coding HTML/XHTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), including table-less layout techniques.

I'm also very proficient developing Facebook pages, powerful web blogs and content management systems in Wordpress and Drupal.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to Sijo Kuriakose for always believing in me and encouraging me to be the best I could be.

And a sincere and loving thanks to my family for being so supportive in all my adventures.